I begin to explore the world of blogging and communicating with others through www…which no longer *needs* a www prefix!

What better way to enter spring than to plant a few words and see if they germinate.  Feels like the first day of spring, although in fact there are a couple more days of winter left.   I look at a large photo of Monet’s pond and bridge in Giverny, France.  Tis the lush height of late spring with hanging wisteria, lilac bushes in bloom and late daffodils.  To breathe in the fragrance of the air in this mythical garden sends me to an imagined world of seeing in new ways.

Perceiving different states, as Monet opened our eyes, we now must open on ever deeper levels…this is the world in which we must live.  To create bridges, rather than build walls, between us.  We have shifted to be able to hold, as well as live in, disparate worlds in our awareness.   From the lush spring of Monet’s Giverny to the devastating effects of an earthquake off the coast of Sendai, Japan.   To breathe in and be present with very different landscapes…internal *and* external states.  Now is the time to find the solid ground of being present rather than closing down…finding compassion to help others, and to open more deeply to being present in our lives.  And so perhaps it is time to begin to listen more attentively and respond with kindness.  We are living in such a state of delicate balance.  The order of the Japanese people, as they patiently stand in line in the face of such loss…this is as much an inspiration to me as Monet’s paintings.  The stillness that emerges.  As we move through this time, with people in the Middle East asking to be heard, while environmental and humanitarian crises deepen…may we build strong bridges to create a world of consciously active compassion.  .


3 thoughts on “Beginning

  1. On Friday, I planted seeds for spring and summer flowers. The garden is such an easy place to stay present, and yet feel the nurturing hope of beauty to come. Thank you for your words, Laura.

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