My daily Present moment. And yours?

There’s a *lot* of inspiration available to each of us every day. How often do we slow down enough to notice? How often do we pause and allow it to settle within us? Nearly everyday after I park my car @ school, I walk past a little sanctuary of a pond, a dock, a small stand of maples, (@ least I think they’re maples), and a slope of a hill and a few rocks. Whether I meditate in the morning, read inspirational text, or rush out the door to buy a Starbuck’s as I run late, or whether I growl at the driver who doesn’t allow me to merge, whatever the morning starts off like at home and on my way to work, before I enter the door to the WVU College of Creative Arts’ doors, my path includes this greeting to the work day. As I’ve begun to do more walking meditation, this has become a kind of momentary refuge-like pause…where I am able to receive and check in with the color of the sky, the geese, or a student passing by. The only real required doing is the act of walking. Is so simple. And often the second I open that door, the mindful walk is lost to me. But I’ve come to relish these slowly cooked 5 minutes of each work day. Where do you find, as Tara Brach says, your “sacred pause”, a possible Present moment? Let me know. I’d love to hear of yours.


6 thoughts on “My daily Present moment. And yours?

  1. Mine is, and for most of my life has been early early morning before the rest of the world wakes up. Listening in to life. :-))
    Thanks for asking!

    • Oh, I always wanted to be one of those early morning people. If I get up early, it’s usually to the cushion to sit. Took walks in the early a.m. years ago, but haven’t done in ages. Do you go out for a walk then? Stare out the window? Great to hear from you. xo

  2. Mindfullness walking! What a contrast to all the mindless walking– i.e., walking while staring at a cellphone. My missing leg is quite an inspiration to me and to those around me. “Wow, she gets around good,” is often stated when people see me run. “Yep, I say, and so can you…”

    • Hey Miss Cranky Pants:)…has been a long time indeed. I love seeing the art work that you’re doing these days. Thank you for posting on my Breathetocreate blog. I’m long overdue for a new post! You inspired me the other day. Mid-August I’ll actually have some time. Is great to be in touch, albeit from afar;)

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