78 words

Over 10 years ago, in Providence, Rhode Island, each month I would gather with a group of women to write. Four of us were therapists, there were mothers with small children, one was a mother w/ a grown child, three of us were single and without children, I was working as a full-time editor at the time and teaching voice and performing at night. Writing together became a kind of oasis in our lives. We adored Natalie Goldberg’s works. What a gift to all, no matter whether or not you aspire to or call yourself an artist. The exercises in Writing Down the Bones and Wild Mind are invaluable.  I miss that group of women and the free well of creativity we shared together.

Ironically, I think of them upon hearing about the men’s magazine, Esquire Magazine holding a contest for short short fiction submissions. I will submit a piece of writing, and as I do, I will imagine that powerful circle of peers guiding my way.  As I do this, I’ll get comfy in my favorite chair in my contemplative space, connect w/ my breath for 45 minutes or so and then take pen to paper.  Who knows what will appear on the page. Is simply a way to begin. To be simple. I’m looking forward to it. The deadline is October 7th. Here is the website: http://www.esquire.com/fiction/short-short-fiction-contest-2011

I miss the wonder of those women and the freedom we all experienced.  Sitting together, writing and discovering all that lies within. This short story will be a return for me to the deep writing well we discovered and mined together.  I’ll let this be an opportunity to rediscover this oasis where breath, friends and story may meet.

I hope someone of you are also able to send submit something.  Is only 78 words – ah the temptation of it:).  Imagine a group of friends writing with you, even if you’ve not seen them for a while.  Connect to stillness, a pause in the midst of the flurry of your days, drop in w/ your breath for a time, and then allow a surprise to float to the surface of your paper.  Let me know how it goes…the autumn is such a good time to reconnect to our creative voices, without any particular agenda, but rather to heal, and possibly breathe into and build new visions. Blessings on the way.